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A practice proven toolkit made to work for you in building and aligning a future for an organisation, service or a product.

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Why Actionable Futures?

Future proof yourself with a vision that is actionable today

Even the world is trusting on agile and lean, many companies still develop their vision and strategy traditionally, without end-customer insight or clear link between the discovery and execution. This leads to longer time to market, unsuccessful market reach and reduces possibilities to act on constantly changing environment.

Align your organisation around a single purpose

The clarity of purpose and direction is the achilles’ heel in many companies today. Our toolkit is made for collaborative way of working where you will develop the future you as an organisation want (and need), together with everyone who will be affected by it.

Inject the right kind of magic to your experience

An actionable vision gives you the ability to see clearly further than the next revision or just data. By having a clear picture of the futures we want, we can proactively bring key pieces of it into today and make our experience feel downright magical.

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