3D – North stars


A north star is an amalgamation of the optimal future, and the concept (or several) which form the basis to building vision, resonance testing or other phases after the AFT. This should be filled in reverse from the future state to current day: when we have an idea of the goal we have in five years, we can then extrapolate the paths towards now — 3 years, year and three months.

This is where the future idea of a vision is made actionable from day one. Mapping something three months from now means you should start working on it tomorrow. This will also give you a tangible roadmap to execute on — be it prototyping, first version of your vision, testing or business models.

Facilitation tip 1

This is the phase where it makes a, lot of sense to get visual. Especially when running this in longer form, sketching out ideas into flows or stories is quite helpful.

North stars canvas

Required time and participants

90- minutes
4-6 persons / group

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