1B – System Actors


In the second phase, we build on previous to inspect and map the SYSTEM ACTORS through three lenses.

  1. Who, and what are the changemakers: The people, initiatives, companies, ideas and technology the drives the change. A good example of this in the now is for example "new work", or "the activists of ___________"
  2. Who are the gatekeepers: people, organizations and ideas who guard the change and get to decide or empower what gets done and what doesn't. Corporations, nation states, influencers and so forth.
  3. Stakeholders: all others who have skin in the game and who the change will affect. Our view of stakeholders goes beyond the usual definition: it is anyone that is affected by the decisions an actions of the change makers and decisionmakers.

Facilitation tip

This exercise draws from traditional foresight tools, service and business design. The template is just a start. The deeper you go, more complex the map becomes and it is likely no to maps are alike.

System actors canvas

Required time and participants

15- minutes
4-6 persons / group

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