1C – Motivations


The third phase of first work canvas is mapping the motivational forces: in this phase you'll look at the world and actors in it, and aim to identify what are the motivations what drive the change or prevent it from happening? These can be tangible KPIs, money or other incentives, trends, or anything hidden or visible affecting the change.

The forces are mapped in six areas, based on PESTLE analysis. The analysis descibes a framework of macro-environmental factors widely used in the environmental scanning component of strategic management and foresight, as a part of an external analysis when conducting for example a strategic analysis or doing market research, and gives an overview of the different macro-environmental factors to be taken into consideration. It is a strategic tool for understanding market movements, growth or decline, business position, potential and direction for operations.

Motivations canvas

Required time and participants

15- minutes
4-6 persons / group

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