2 – Predictive analysis

The second phase of Actionable Futures is called PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS. In this phase we first dive into what motivates the future us, and then flip the tables to see what could go wrong, and finally build the narrative towards positivity by imagining how we solved the threats we faced. The purpose of this is to get the threats we currently see in the world said out loud so we can start working to solve them.

Facilitation tip 1

Keep the groups enganged in the future narrative. Congratulate the members of the session again, and tell a story of how we nearly failed everything on our way to success. Now it is their time to figure out what it was.

Facilitation tip 2

Watch the group dynamic. What kind of thinking hats people wear? Who is the optimist, pessimist or the devil's advocate?. Also watch for the ones who don't speak — it is your job to have them open up and talk.

2A – Pre-mortem

In your future, explore and verbalise the aspirations and intent. What is the root cause, why and ultimate legacy to leave behind? Who do we impact, and what do our actions change?

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2B – Anti-futures

When in the future, reflect back on how did we get there? What were the key events along the way that lead us there, both positive and negative. Where did things nearly go wrong and why?

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2C – Problem → Solution

Pick maximum five anti-futures, and turn them into positive solutions through stories / mini-scenarios. This will help you plan ahead later — be as visual as possible.

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